Project Management & Quantity Surveying

CM – New Zealand Limited was responsible for full project management and quantity surveying services for both preconstruction and construction stages of this project. The job, which consisted of relocating a classroom from Ōpihi College to Rāwhiti School, as well as installing it, was delivered on time and under budget.

CM – New Zealand Limited also worked collaboratively with the school to incorporate Māori and cultural pattens into the design this included the motifs on the glazing, colour schemes and woven into the landscaping. Rāwhiti means sunshine which can be seen in the logo. Accordingly, consideration was given to the location of the building and orientation so that the sunshine would be captured and also protection for the children with sunshades.

This project came with challenges which required collaborations and careful planning:

  • Ground conditions were poor and while this had been considered as part of the design upon drilling the piles the ground water and sandy conditions meant we had to work collaboratively with the contractor Hawkins, structural and geotech engineers to come up with some alternative solutions that would be practical and cost effective without causing delay to the project.
  • The school was fully sprinkled, and the sprinkler valve room was some 150 meters from the location of the new classroom. We worked collaboratively with the fire engineer and contractor that had installed the schools sprinkler system to find the best solution.
  • Transporting the building (which was split into two parts) for 155km posed the risk off gib linings being damaged. Inspections were done prior to departure and once landed on site to remediate any linings. Moreover, careful coordination and disconnection of services was done prior to splitting the buildings to ensure they could be easily re-connected.

Photo Gallery

Interior and Exterior of the Rāwhiti School Project