Engineer to Contract (NZS:3910)

Paul Belcher; Managing Director of CM – New Zealand Limited, was appointed as Engineer to the Contract NZS:3910 for this construction project, which was a 5 storey, 27 unit building with an underground carpark located in Auckland. This required managing multiple stakeholders and competing priorities as well facing the barriers that came with Covid-19, such as delays and cost fluctuations.

This project also came with a number of complex items, including:

  • An underground carpark with a car stacker
  • Overhead wires that needed to be undergrounded with a transformer upgrade.
  • Public S/S drainage running under the site that had to be operational at all times and diverted.
  • Public asbestos water mains that were be worked around in close vicinity to other services.
  • Furthermore, these all needed to be carefully planned with traffic management to minimise disruption and cost.

Overview of CM’s Role as Engineer to Contract NZS:3910 (ETC):

  • Issued all payment schedules in accordance with the Construction contracts Act.
  • Monthly Progress Control Group (PCG) meetings.
  • Reviewed cost submissions and/or claims for extension of time and made recommendations for award.
  • Issued Practical Completion Certificate once all conditions within the contract had been met.

Photo Gallery

Interior and Exterior of the Willoughby Ave Apartments